Development Tools Engineer | Gurgoan | Freshers


The Development Tools Engineer will be responsible for:

  • Using dynamic programming languages, such as Python, Shell/Bash, Lua and NodeJS, to architect, implement and integrate build software and productivity tools
  • Designing and implementing highly scalable, efficient services on public and private Cloud infrastructure using Kubernetes/Docker
  • Developing, testing and documenting existing in-house tools to improve their quality, reliability and supportability
  • Working with Tower’s Engineering team and Traders across timezones (U.S., Europe, and Asia) to understand their requirements and helping them use existing tools to fulfill those needs
  • Automating existing support workflows to reduce support burden and design new tools to improve quality of support
  • Proactively assisting other developers in diagnosing and solving coding issues, including issues with the C++ compiler and linker

Some of the in-house tools that you’ll get a chance to work on include:

  • ​A user space package manager. We build, distribute and support thousands of packages used by everyone in Tower.
  • A smart build system. Tower has a lot of developers working on a lot of code, we wrote our own build system to make the process easier and faster
  • A source control management tool. We have a shiny new tool to help Tower deal with the complexity of having hundreds of developers working timezones on millions of lines of code
  • Continuous Integration system. To make sure all of the code that developers are writing is well tested and deployed correctly, we have a growing CI/CD system that leverages Docker and Kubernetes to deal with increasing capacity demand and load


The ideal candidate will have:

  • ​A bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, or physics from a top-tier college or university
  • Proficiency with Python. Most of our newer tools are written in Python.
  • Thorough understanding of Linux fundamentals and C++ compiling/linking/loading process. Tower is primarily a Linux shop.
  • Expertise in scripting languages, such as Bash shell scripting.
  • Experience with GNU make, Git, Open Source software, Phabricator, Elasticsearch, and Docker (preferred)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English, you’ll primarily be communicating with other people over IM/Phone.
  • Brilliant problem-solving abilities. When faced with new and novel bugs, you’ll need your wits about you.
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
  • Last, but most important, the ability and willingness to quickly learn new tools, languages, paradigms and skills wherever necessary to get the job done.

In addition, the ideal candidate has:

  • ​A passion for new technologies and actively improving existing systems for users
  • The drive to take initiative and proactively identify opportunities for efficiency and automation
  • The ability to prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • The ability to work both individually and with a team

Financial experience is not required.


Tower continues to enhance the in-house trading system and strategies that have positioned the firm as a leader in the thriving field of quantitative trading. While Tower offers challenges and rewards rivaling those of any Wall Street firm, Tower’s cubicle-free workplace, jeans-clad workforce, and well-stocked kitchens reflect the premium the firm places on quality of life. Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Five weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Lunch and dinner on a daily basis
  • Cab facility within Gurgaon
  • Health club allowances

Tower Research Capital India Pvt. Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer.



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