Front end/Full Stack Engineer | Qubole | Bengaluru

Job description

Qubole offers Big-Data-as-a-Service on leading clouds. Our browser based application is at the heart of our product. Frontend/Full Stack engineers in Qubole are responsible for the rich web application hosted at We build highly usable UIs that cater to a wide variety of personas such as Data Analysts, ETL Engineers, and Data Scientists. We are looking for engineers to craft the next generation of Qubole’s user interface. You will be part of a talented and hard-working team of UX designers, UI gurus, and RoR experts.

Some examples of work that UI engineers have done:

An IDE like interface for composing and analyzing big data queries.
Interfaces for exploring object stores and large datasets.
Support for multiple clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Cloud etc.
Cluster management UI to create and manage big data clusters.
Reports and dashboards for monitoring performance of commands, clusters etc.
… and many more


Interact with UX designers and PMs to iterate and develop the product.
Use efficient abstractions and good programming practices to write testable, reusable and maintainable code.
Participate in design and code reviews.
Willingness to deep-dive across various levels of the stack to debug/understand/solve issues.
Interact with support engineers to identify customer pain points and address them.


Strong grasp of one of RoR, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS fundamentals.
Familiarity with building MVC applications.
Knowledge of client side frameworks such as Ember, React.js is a plus.
Ability to write clean, modular, unit testable, and maintainable code.
Awareness of performance, web security, and cross-browser compatibility issues.
Attention to detail in UX.


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