ENGINEER | Aricent | Bangalore

Job description

Designing and Implementing DFT techniques. (Memory BIST/Scan /On-Chip Compression/At-speed Scan/Test-clocking/Boundary Scan/Analog Testing/Pin-muxing/Logic BIST) on complex SOCs to improve testability.MandatorySkills

    • Test Modes implementation and verification, scan insertion including on-chip compression. Implementing, integrating and verifying memory BIST and boundary scan.
    • Test vector (Stuck-at/At-speed/Path delay/SDD/IDDQ/Bridging fault) generation with high test coverage and simulations at gate level with timing (SDF). Basic understanding of complete SOC design and flow.
    • Cross functional teams interaction for issue resolution. Participate in driving new DFT methodology and solutions to improve quality, reliability and in-system test and debug capability.
    • Excellent interpersonal and analytical skills with the ability to work independently.

Experience (In Month): 36
Qualification: BE

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