Schematics & Apparatus Engineer

Job description

The Railway industry today is characterized by both a strong and sustained growth across the world. The trends that drive this are well known: environmental challenges, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for mobility.With 6B€ of Sales and around 30,000 employees based in over 60 countries, Alstom develop & market the most complete range of systems, equipment and services offered today in the railway sector. Today we offer our customers solutions that feature a seamless blend of diverse technologies, ensuring optimal interfaces, along with flexible implementation and real synergy in innovation.Purpose of the Job

  • He/she designs train electrical architecture, cubical layout and wiring routing
  • He/she specifies electrical apparatus to be used on project he/she is affected according to Preferred Parts List and Project requirements
  • He/she produces pure principle scheme PPS and project apparatus specification

Position in the OrganisationOrganisation Reporting

  • Hierarchical : Schematic & Apparatus Domain Leader (S&ADL)
  • Functional : Schematic & Apparatus Leader (S&AL)

Network & Links

  • He/she is in permanent link with the TCE, the TSE, fitting engineers and all SSE of the project
  • He/she is also in direct link with TCMS Validation engineer.

MissionsPerformance Measurement/KPI’s

  • Quality of his delivery (included sub-contractor delivery):
    • 1st time quality rate > 90% (quality rate = modification validated OK / number of modification applied)
  • Respect of the delivery planning (included sub-contractor delivery):
    • 100% on time delivery
  • Level of application of standard PPL:
    • 100% of PPL
  • Continuous improvement or Return on Experience (RoE) management from previous projects:
    • 0 missing RoE

ResponsibilitiesAccountable for :

  • Delivering the right product at the right moment to the project, the product consisting into the complete electrical case or a set of electrical deliverables for each baseline made of :
    • Apparatus specification
    • Connector coding specification
    • Cubical specification
    • CPS,
    • PPS,
    • Wiring list,
    • Harness case,
    • electrical architecture at train level
  • Managing the configuration of his deliverables.

Responsible For

  • Managing the S&A QCD of his/her activities, sub-contracting management (inputs / outputs management).

Job SpecificationsKnowledge & Experience

  • Graduate from an En
  • gineering School
  • Electrical and/or electrotechnical engineering knowledge,
  • Train system knowledge,
  • Electrical CAD experience (at least 5 years),
  • Fluent English.

Team size

  • Not applicable


  • Force of proposal for PPL and Processes evolution/improvement.
  • Force of proposal to TCE for functional evolution/correction.

Position is for Alstom India Pvt Limited at Bangalore

Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Information Technology and Services
  • Computer Software
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology

To Apply: click here


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