AI Engineer

 Job description

If you are visionary, a code geek, love building the next generation AI platforms and are keen to make a difference in a unique way, then we are looking for you…

We are looking for highly passionate and enthusiastic players for solving problems in medical data analysis by building and implementing algorithms for image processing, machine learning and deep learning.

As an AI Engineer at SigTuple you will have the onus of implementing and optimizing some state-of-the-art algorithms in machine learning, image processing and AI which will impact billions of people across the world by creating healthcare solutions that are accurate and affordable. You will collaborate with our current team of super awesome scientists in cracking super complex problems in a simple way by implementing algorithms and prototypes. You will also interact with our amazing bunch of tech-geeks in our engineering team in deploying your implementation to scale.

What we are looking for:

· Bachelor or Master in Computer Science from a Tier 1/Tier 2 institute

· Expertise in atleast one of C, C++, Python or Java

· Strong foundations in design, analysis and implementation of algorithms. Basic understanding of machine learning, computer vision or deep learning is preferred.

· Motivation to learn new technologies.

What should you have:

· 1 – 5 years of relevant experience in solving complex problems using code.

· Be an innovative and creative thinker, somebody who is not afraid to try something new and inspire others to do so.

· Thrive in a fast-paced and fun environment.

· Work with a bunch of data scientist nerds and disruptors striving for a big cause.

To Apply on LinkedIn: click here


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