FTTx JC Construction Engineer [51864770]

  • Posted Date : 15 Apr 2017
  • Function/Business Area : Engineering & Technology
  • Location : Delhi NCR

Job Responsibilities :
1. Assist Team Lead in network Deployment through LCO
2. Assist LCO within the JC in Arial construction
3. Provide training to all the Contractor/ SBP/ DBP manpower
4. On boarding of LCO Manpower for deployment as per Organizational requirement
5. Ensure implementation of Design released by Design Team at JC
6. Coordinate and fulfilment of Material requirement for the LCO for deployment
7. Ensure inventory management
8. MIS Reporting of all the planning work done at the JC
9. Assist LCO in Arial and building Network deployment

  • Education Requirement : BE/Diploma
  • Experience Requirement : Minimum 2 years – Maximum 5 years

Skills & Competencies :

1. Project Planning
2. Scheduling and Execution
3. Manage project Budget and Cost
4. Knowlegde of LCO industry
5. ISP Network

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