Engineer – Ergonomics

Date: 31-Jan-2017

Location: Bangalore, IN

Company: Alstom

Discipline Engineer – Ergonomics

Job Title & Purpose

Job Title

  • Ergonomics Engineer
Purpose of the Job

The Ergonomics Engineer will participate in project /offer development through the application of internal procedures, instructions and guidelines of the domain and has to be operative on the following activities:

  • Ergonomics simulation with Catia V5, Human builder, Human posture analysis, in the frame of tenders and projects
  • Calculation of Anthropometrics data, seat dimension
  • Preparation, analysis and interpretation of REX results
  • R&D under the coordination of Core Competence Network

Position in the Organisation

Organisation Reporting

  • Report to the Chief ergonomics engineer
Network & Links

  • TDE/TSE/Design and style department
  • Suppliers
  • Universities


Performance Measurement/KPI’s

  • Number of assessment of ergonomics
  • Ratio number of driver’s desk, seat, footrest components used by projects/Number of components in the database
  • Ratio number of simulation delivery on time/Delivery delayed

Accountable for :

  • Measurements done in Tympanic area(pressure wave)
  • Clean ability
  • Engineering QCD
  • Simulation delivery

Responsible for :  

  • Expertise in the domain of ergonomics, recommendation for diagrams, design of cabin and cars, design of seat and footrest, lighting
  • Specification of passenger needs in the domain of services (catering and distribution) and information (Public address, video, etc…)
  • Specification for display
  • Platform, pre-projects and projects, simulations for cab visibility, workplace accessibility and reachability. Write reports that summarize the results before SGR. Provide simulation that valid the performance before PGR. Develop and promote the use of mock-up for the definition of cabin and cars layout
  • Defining and deploying the process and tools to implement the simulation
  • Developing, deploying and promoting the library of manikin, driver’s desk, seat and footrest
  • Reporting on a regular basis the progress of the different activities
  • Providing support and expertise ergonomics methodologies, assessment

Contributor for :

  • All AT programs & projects facing technical issues in ergonomics related fields
  • Definition of engineering instruction, guidelines and DRCL
  • Developing relationship with Region and platform to get REX about similar architecture and validation of simulated solution
  • Development of relationship with university
  • Performing active technical watch

Job Specifications

Knowledge & Experience

  • Methodologies for ergonomics: tasks analysis, questionnaire definition, interview, synthesis, manikin definition
  • Catia V5, DMA, Human builder, Human posture analysis
  • Workload analysis
  • Former lead engineer
  • Standard: TSI, UIC 651, 612, EN 16186
  • Communicational skills
Team size

  • 0


Job Segment: Database, Technology


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